Route Stripe

/* Maximize delivery efficiency with Route Stripe: automate route planning for
сost-effective operations */

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/* Route Stripe is a service designed to optimize delivery efficiency. Through its API, the system automatically constructs the optimal route for couriers, optimizing time and resource costs, and saving businesses money.*/

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/* Inefficient resource allocation due to manual delivery planning. Significant fuel costs, limited number of processed addresses, unproductive use of courier time, failure to meet delivery schedules - these are the daily challenges faced by our clients.

Our team was tasked with maximizing client operations and minimizing their operational costs, considering:

  • Courier and department work schedules
  • Requested delivery times
  • Traffic and road conditions
  • Volume and nature of orders
  • Vehicle capacity constraints

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= result

Thanks to Route Stripe, our clients have been able to optimize their delivery processes and generate more profit from their businesses.

By using the service, clients receive:
  • Individualized routes tailored to each courier's schedule
  • Cost forecasts: fuel, time, number of employees involved
  • Efficient use of transportation in terms of both time and volume



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